Bastet from Thor Love and Thunder
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Here’s our first look at Bastet from Thor Love and Thunder

I have good news but annoying for all of you. We have our first Wakandan Goddess Bastet from the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. Now you might remember that we share that Akosia Sabet will appear in this film some time ago as aback as the Goddess. In accordance with our word, we returned with our first appearance. Let me see:

Wow! It is an extraordinary cat craft. For me, this is a fantastic view of the Goddess. I like that Bastet sitting with Valkyrie and Thor who is mighty. I can’t help but pay attention to the pension appearance on all their faces.

Bastet from Thor Love and Thunder

I am especially worried considering we get the debut of the beloved Marvel God in this film. I hope that many Marvel gods like Zeus Russell Crowe and others don’t suit me that he is in this film. Why? Because we have a truly terrible blood-thirsty monster like Gorr The God-Butcher who is loose in this film.

Now, very fast, Gorr The God Butcher is a character created by writer Marvel Jason Aaron in his escape in the Thor comic. This creature is known for torturing regularly and slaughtering gods in some of the most strange ways. Not only that but he is also known to be easily squeezed Thor in a fight and torture and harass him for years. In the comics, Thor will hardly find a way to avoid torture from GORR and he is really destroyed while prisoners and GORR servants.

@Marvel: Listen to me and listen to me well

If Bast doesn’t work until the end of this film …

That’s all I have for this one …